Best Digital Insurance Providers in Europe

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Best Digital Insurance Providers in Europe

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The insurance industry across Europe is undergoing a digital transformation. Digital insurance, also known as online insurance or Insure Tech, refers to insurance companies that operate primarily online and through mobile apps. These tech-enabled insurers use automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more to simplify and streamline the entire insurance journey.

As digital adoption grows, customers increasingly want on-demand, personalized insurance offerings similar to what they experience from online companies in other sectors. Digital insurance providers aim to meet these demands in various ways:

  • Easy online quotes and policy purchases: Apply and buy coverage through a website or mobile app rather than dealing with paperwork or calling agents
  • Innovative, customized offerings: Flexible plans that can be tailored to each customer’s unique needs and lifestyle
  • Technology-driven for efficiency: Use of automation and data for faster signup, underwriting, and claims
  • Top-notch user experience: Intuitive, multichannel platforms putting customer experience first

Research shows that the European digital insurance market is growing rapidly:

  • Digital insurance is expected to make up over 15% of Europe’s insurance market by 2025
  • 58% of customers are willing to purchase insurance products from non-traditional digital companies
  • Over 50% of adults said they would switch providers for easier digital customer experience

As adoption increases, digital-first insurance is competing with and complementing incumbent traditional insurance companies across Europe. This article explores top providers in the European digital insurance space.

Top Digital Insurance Providers in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s leading digital insurance platforms. These companies aim to upgrade the insurance experience through innovative technologies and customer-centric service models. Below we highlight some of the top players when it comes to the best digital insurance providers in Europe:


Lemonade epitomizes the digital insurance model. This AI-powered insurer, founded in 2015 in New York, has expanded aggressively across Europe over the last several years. Key features include:

  • Bot-based signup: Users can get insured in 90 seconds through chat bot conversations
  • Behavioral economics approach: Unclaimed premiums go to charity which incentives honesty
  • Computer vision for claims: AI reviews photos and documents to process payments in seconds
  • Availability: Offers rental and home insurance in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK

Lemonade brings a fundamentally different approach to insurance through technology and a focus on social good. As they continue European growth, they emerge as a top digital insurer there.

we fox

Founded in Switzerland in 2015, wefox (stylized as wefox) is now one of Europe’s leading digital insurance platforms. Their model includes:

  • One-stop-shop: Customers can manage all insurance and financial products in one app
  • Agency partner model: wefox partners with brokers and incumbent carriers
  • AI-based features: App provides risk warnings, damage prevention tips, easy claims journeys
  • Insurance offerings: Includes household, liability, motor, accident and pet insurance

With ample funding and an array of insurance offerings across 6 European countries, wefox consolidates solutions to become a go-to personal finance app in Europe.


Germany-based Clark focuses specifically on digitalizing insurance products through easy online tools.

  • Insurance manager approach: Customers can manage multiple policies in one dashboard
  • Partners model: Works with over 160 established German insurers
  • Products available: Includes home, life, car, bike, legal and pet insurance
  • Tools provided: Features comparison calculators, document managers and more

By partnering with top German carriers to offer a seamless digital experience, Clark streamlines insurance purchases and management. Through personalized recommendations and innovative tools, they present a major digital insurance contender focused solely on the German market.


Founded in Berlin in 2016, Coya aims to upgrade insurance through technology-driven, user-friendly solutions.

  • Focus on UX: Offers an intuitive, transparent purchase process and account management
  • Flexibility: Usage and subscription-based models without lengthy contracts
  • Offerings: Provides home, liability, accident, bike, and high-value item insurance
  • Expansion plans: Currently available in Germany with plans to expand across Europe

Coya is uniquely positioned as an app-based platform offering modernized insurance based on actual usage and risk levels of policyholders. Their creative, flexible plans appeal to today’s connected customers across Germany.

There are certainly other emerging digital insurance carriers across Europe. But Lemonade, wefox, Clark and Coya represent leading examples of tech-centric platforms transforming the industry. Next we’ll compare key features setting them apart as top digital providers in the European market.

Comparison of Key Features and Offerings

While the digital insurance platforms highlighted utilize cutting-edge technology in various ways, they also have some core features in common that improve the customer experience:

Provider Ease of Online Quote/Purchase Claims Process Use of Data and AI Mobile App Lines of Insurance Offered
Lemonade Bot-enabled purchases in minutes AI-based instant payments Behavioral analytics for fraud prevention Yes Renters, home, pet
wefox Quick sign-up and product bundles In-app support and document uploads AI alerts and risk prevention tips Yes Motor, home, liability, pet, device
Clark Personalized product suggestions Advice line for claim support Price optimization tools Yes Vehicle, home, life, health
Coya Subscription-based purchases Photo uploads for digital verification Usage-based premium adjustments Yes Home, liability, accident, bicycle


Ease of getting covered quickly stands out with all platforms streamlining the quote retrieval and policy purchase process through online/app tools. This includes innovative features like:

  • Chatbots for automated guidance
  • Subscription models that start coverage immediately
  • Bundling multiple policy types

Mobile access is another key commonality, with each provider offering an intuitive application allowing customers to manage their policies, file claims and access special features.

Additionally, these digital insurers leverage data and technology in unique ways, from AI-enabled claims to advanced analytics driving pricing and underwriting decisions.

However, they differ significantly when it comes to insurance product availability, with some focused specifically on renters/homeowners while others provide a range of policies around personal liability, health, vehicles and more.

Lifestyle-Specific Digital Insurance Offerings

In addition to more traditional personal insurance products, some of the leading digital platforms in Europe offer specialized coverages catered to emerging lifestyles and industries:

Pet Insurance

  • Lemonade and wefox provide customized pet health policies covering veterinary costs, accidents/illnesses and more
  • Digital tools streamline getting coverage quickly without extensive paperwork
  • Options to customize deductibles, payout limits and add-on benefits

Drone Insurance

  • Flock offers pay-as-you-fly drone insurance through an intuitive mobile app
  • Customers get covered instantly for flights and pay based on actual drone usage
  • App includes real-time airspace data to ensure compliance during operations

Micro mobility Transportation

  • Coya offers e-bike insurance covering theft, damage and liability
  • Lemonade provides electric scooter coverage through selected partnerships
  • Policies specially designed for shared micro mobility are also becoming available

By aligning insurance offerings to emerging trends, digital platforms present targeted, relevant options beyond traditional products. Leading insurers will continue expanding lifestyle niche offerings to appeal to modern consumers and businesses.

What Makes a Great Digital Insurance Provider?

When examining the multitude of digital insurance platforms across Europe, certain criteria emerge for evaluating the leaders in the space:

  • Intuitive online/app experience – The entire customer journey should be streamlined through digital tools for quoting, buying, managing claims, etc.
  • Innovative use of AI and data – Leveraging automation, analytics and more to customize offerings and simplify processes.
  • Flexibility around contracts – Many consumers today eschew long-term agreements in favor of flexibility. Usage and subscription models are attractive.
  • Customer-centric offerings – Digital insurers can design around specific niches, usage patterns, risk levels, etc. to provide relevant options.
  • Top-notch support – App-based tools and chatbots provide instant guidance, but personal assistance should also be available.

Essentially, the best digital insurance platforms combine optimized digital experiences with uniquely customized offerings and support.

While early digital insurers focused heavily on streamlining user journeys, the most competitive ones today also leverage data and technology to provide targeted value. They meet customers where they are with flexible, relevant risk protection options.

Incumbents are competing by undergoing digital transformation processes themselves. But agile InsureTech startups continue leading the way when it comes to innovation.

The Future of Digital Insurance in Europe

The digital insurance platforms profiled here represent the vanguard ushering in the future of insurance across Europe. Industry research predicts rapid continued growth of online insurance:

  • The European online insurance market could reach over €200 billion by 2027
  • New segments like pay-as-you-go and peer-to-peer insurance will gain adoption
  • By 2030, 9 out of 10 new policies could originate through digital channels
  • Advances in IoT, connectivity and parametric solutions will enable innovative offerings

As digital transformation progresses across the entire insurance sector, customers will benefit from more choice. Incumbents will aim to improve their own digital experiences and compete with InsureTech disruptors. Consolidation between traditional and new digital players could also occur through partnerships or acquisitions.

Ultimately, the future points toward more personalized, on-demand insurance enabled by technology. Companies that can tap into emerging data sources and analytics to provide targeted value will lead this new digital era.

Final Takeaways on the Top Digital Insurance Providers

The digital insurance platforms profiled throughout this piece represent prime examples of how technology can upgrade and modernize insurance:

  • Lemonade’s bot-driven processes and give-back model
  • wefox’s one-stop-shop for financial products under a single app
  • Clark’s partnerships to combine digital UX with incumbent insurer stability
  • Coya’s flexibility around usage-based insurance models

These digital-first carriers make it simpler than ever for consumers to get covered online in just minutes. They cater to modern lifestyles with options addressing emerging trends like pet ownership, drones and micromobility transit.

As adoption of digital insurance offerings grows across Europe, customers can expect more innovative features as well as competitive pricing and service levels. Ultimately this transformation aims to make insurance more accessible, transparent and personalized through the smart use of technology.